Black Pit Security Welcomes You To Our Store!

BlackPit SecurityWe are honored that you have taken the time to view our online store! We offer the best in personal and professional self defense and security items period. We have everything from pepper spray to stun guns and tasers. We also carry a fine line of security cameras and systems. We are an end to end solution for anyone who takes personal, business, or home security serious.

What Do We Sell?

We sell security and assurance through offering you the best in self defense and security tools and items. We offer confidence and ability by equipping you with the knowledge through our newsletters and blog in securing your family or business from those who would do you and them harm.

Who Are We?

We are Black Pit Security, and we specialize in personal, home, and business security. This includes providing you with the best tools and self defense weapons you can find online (period). These offerings range from personal self defense to full service solutions up to the installation of a new home security or business system.

According to Merriam-Webster, security is defined as:

“the quality, or state of being secure, such as freedom from danger, freedom from fear or anxiety”

In today’s rapidly changing world, anxiety grows and confidence goes very quickly. You need to know you have the means to secure and take care of the people you love and care about. You work hard to get what you have. You earned it. You earned the right to enjoy the fruit of your labors. You should be able to enjoy these things without worry or fear.

This is where we come in. We get it! Our founder, Patrick got into the business due to this same need. The stuff he sells he uses. Why? Because he knows it works. Gaining an edge in a dangerous situation could be the factor that helps you escape, and save your life (or the life of a loved one).

Thank You

We know there are many shops online selling security and self defense items. However, we know that Black Pit Security stands for excellence. We know that we stand for integrity. We want you to know that when you purchase from us you will get what you paid for plus more.

Why? Because we want you to have that confidence when you sleep at night all that you have worked for is secure. Gain the edge with Black Pit Security.